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Summer Beauty Saviours Worth The Splurge!


I’m a self-confessed beauty geek and I’m utterly proud of it! Obsessed doesn’t even cover it – well it does in my bio above but I live and breathe it in every sense of the word and my entire business is centred around it. As you can imagine, whilst this is all well and good for the ageing process of my skin, its somewhat damaging for my bank account! Which is why I’ve devised a list of the beauty products worth forking out for this summer, so here goes;



Flawless, glowing skin speaks volumes and has the power to enhance your entire look so it goes without saying it’s worth splurging on – especially on a brand that delivers results you can rely on. I’m obsessed with Murad skincare and especially love the Aha/Bha Exfoliating Cleanser – it gives my skin the most thorough clean (you can actually feel it working its magic!) and leaves my face looking so bright and fresh. It also takes away the need for a separate exfoliating product too! I’m also totally hooked on the newly launched Hydro-Dynamic Quenching Essence and Ultimate Moisture cream; the essence acts as a hydration booster formulated with hero ingredients such as Glycolic Acid to encourage cell renewal and help the skin’s ability to attract and retain water and the moisture cream has been designed to provide 24 hour hydration thanks to its Hyaluronic Acid technology and coconut extract. Both feel super luxurious to apply and make my skin feel incredibly hydrated, perfect for thirsty summer skin in need of some TLC!


I’m a blonde, you can’t tell in the B+W bio pic above, but I am and I love it. I don’t think there’s anything better than beautiful blonde hair, but unfortunately it comes at a cost! I really look after my locks and take pride in my hair as anyone who knows me can vouch for, but even with the best intensions it still sometimes feels less thank silky soft and it’s no surprise because colouring your hair will cause trauma to your hair, fact. Luckily, I’ve been religiously splurging on Olaplex treatments once a month at my favourite (and most Instagrammable) salon in London, Blush + Blow and my hair has never felt, or looked in better condition – well worth it for the health of your hair!

There’s also something fairly major i’ve also been doing to my hair as well as my monthly hair treatments – I’ve packed away all of my shampoos, conditioners, oils and masks and replaced them with one bottle of gold dust…

I wasn’t sure whether to include this under ‘hair’ or the ‘Innovative beauty’, because although this might start by sounding like a boring shampoo recommendation, it couldn’t be further from it. Introducing New Wash – to sum it up it’s a shampoo, conditioner, detangler and hair repair treatment all in one. Sounds to good to be true? Trust me, I’d convinced myself before I’d even tried it that it wouldn’t live up to the ridiculous sounding promises the brand ‘Hair Story’ was making but it does what it says it’s going to do. You really don’t need to use a conditioner (or anything else for that matter) after using New Wash because it really does leave your hair feeling insanely soft and shiny. New Wash cleans hair with a blend of essential oils and cleansers without involving the damaging detergents or synthetic compounds almost every other brand uses – these detergents are so traumatic for the hair that you need to constantly apply hair saving products to keep it hydrated – but I’ve scrapped that completely and instead I’m using New Wash and having my monthly olaplex and my hair has never looked or felt so good. It might feel strange at first not having the foaming effect you are used to, but trust me your hair will love you for it. Olaplex £70 including a blow dry, New Wash £44


Save on monthly facials and instead splurge on the following at-home beauty must-haves by Nurse Jamie.

Number 1 is Uplift Massaging Beauty Roller AKA magic face wand! I can’t describe it better than it literally being a workout for your face because, essentially that’s what this rather odd looking but undeniably innovative beauty tool does. Just 10 minutes a day of rolling your face with the 24 massaging stones containing tourmaline quartz to tone, tighten and energise the skin will result in visibly uplifted skin- the sort of skin that only a good facial can usually create. £55

Number 2, is the Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow. This satin and strangely shaped pillow is designed to support your neck and lumbar muscles allowing you to sleep more soundly whilst letting skin breathe and retain its natural moisture and oils, unlike cotton pillows that can actually cause fine lines and creases to appear on the skin. Admittedly, I don’t have any visible lines yet (yet being key here) but I feel that this comfy addition to my sleeping ritual will only help my face stay as it is – so it can only be money well spent, plus it gets 10/10 for comfort factor! £56


Summer is all about sunshine, picnics, holidays and bikinis, which all sounds too wonderful for words, but not so wonderful if you’re a pale Gail and need some bronzed skin in your life. It’s all very well sunbathing but let’s be honest, it’s a lot of effort and quite frankly who has the time if you’re stuck in the city working but still want to look like a bronzed goddess in the office? The solution? Tan Luxe Hydra-Mousse. This stuff is nothing short of amazing to be quite honest, coming from a tanaholic who’s tried every tan on the market, I’ve had my fair share of tangoed situations that I do not wish to repeat! Luckily I won’t have to as now I’ve tried this I’m never using anything else. What I love most about this tan is it’s clear like water, it’s completely odourless (so many brands promise this, but seriously Tan Luxe smells of zilch!), super easy and quick to apply and doesn’t streak at all! £37


Tom Ford makeup isn’t just about beautiful packaging that you can’t wait to Instagram, it really is the best of the best in terms of quality, longevity and pigment – the packaging is just an added bonus! Here are two products that If you were to splurge on anything in the range I’d urge you to invest in, you will not be disappointed and they’ll last a very long time!

Eye Colour Quad in Nude Dip, the finest nude eye shadow palette you’ll find – the four colours provide everything you need to create the most stunning, yet naturally beautiful eye makeup.£66

Shade & Illuminate makes highlighting and contouring too simple to get wrong. The highlighter is probably the best highlighter I’ve ever used in my life, absolutely no exaggeration here and the shading cream creates the most natural sculpting effect to your face but results in the biggest transformation -a great buy that everyone needs in their kit. £58

Faux flowers by Wildwood London


I’ve spent most of my adult years and actually quite a few of my childhood years buying and trying a hell of a lot of nail hardeners and strengtheners all promising to be the magic formula that transforms them, but the question is in my 27 years of life have i found one that i’ve bought more than once?…hell to the NO I have not! Well, that all before Herome Nail Hardener came into my life and gave me nails of dreams, hard dreams.


There’s really not much more to say other than if you want strong natural nails buy this from amazon it will change your nails for good.
Buy it from Amazon here.


During my years of working in this industry and naturally meeting the vast amount of people I have in both the PR and the journalism world- including some of the most powerful and established entrepreneurs in the industry, to the top dogs at some of the biggest brands and fashion houses in the country- I can honestly and whole heartedly say I have never met anyone like Bridget O’Keeffe.
Bridget, if you didn’t already know is founder of Blush + Blow.
Blush + Blow is by far the coolest, swankiest and most well thought-out blow dry and beauty salon in not only Fulham but in London (I want to say in the whole of the UK but I don’t want this post to sound like i’m fluffing it up in any way- but honestly, it absolutely kills it on ALL levels).
B+B goes above and beyond expectations in every possible way and smashes down beauty salon standards in terms of treatment offerings, treatment price points and the overall luxurious and ‘home from home’ experience that I think we can all agree is SO hard to find when looking for a luxury beauty hub that delivers on all accounts.
There’s just no two ways about it, nothing like Blush + Blow exists and thats all down the INCREDIBLY talented, enviously ambitious and the undeniably beautiful soul (on both the inside and out) belonging to the woman behind it. Having a natural talent for business, beauty and not being afraid of a challenge is one thing but the pure love and devotion Bridget puts into every single aspect of her business and every person she meets is what really sets her apart from anyone else.
I might be hard to believe it when I say that I’m not being biased because I have the pleasure work with Bridget and I’m lucky enough to represent her amazing business and soon-to-be beauty salon empire (watch this space) but I truly mean it, she’s one of a kind and Blush + Blow completely reflects her. Go check it out, I know you you’ll be blown away (pardon the pun).




Your phone….the single item you take EVERYWHERE you go and when I mean everywhere I mean literally, everywhere!

I personally, (whether I like to admit it or not) I have my phone strapped to the palm of my hand almost every minute of the day, much to my fiance’s dislike! My business and social life depend on it- and thats absolutely no exaggeration it literally helps pays the bills so to speak! I couldn’t possibly run my PR business without it, I’m constantly emailing from it if I’m not sitting at my desk and when I am at my desk I’m monitoring and posting on social media and keeping an eye on industry updates. It’s part of my lifestyle and without it I’d feel lost and wouldn’t be in the business I’m in (sounds crazy to rely on technology to this level I know, but true all the same).

So anything thats attached to me for this many hours of the day deserves to be dressed to the highest possible standard, right? Well this is easier said than done, especially when you own the Iphone 7 Plus, options are limited to say the least.
Since the ‘plus’ version of the iphone was released I’ve found it incredibly challenging to find a case that I love the look and feel of but that also protects my phone properly (I’m a confessed clutz and I’m ALWAYS dropping my phone on the floor so protection is high on my agenda!) I know there are brands like Skinny Dip and lots of other similar brands that sell cases for all iphone’s but I feel like the cases are just for ‘fun’- they are novel but don’t scream luxury or protection at all, which is what I want and need from my case especially as I take my phone into client meetings etc I need it to represent me in the best light possible.
So, when I stumbled across The Case Factory on Instagram I was instantly hooked- I couldn’t stop scrolling through the gorgeous designs for all versions of Iphones  (plus IPads, MacBooks and passport cases too!) and yes a WIDE range of cases for Iphone 7 Plus – hurrah!! Finally I’ve found a brand that delivers luxury designs in the highest quality, hand crafted leathers in designs I’d pick handbags in, whilst actually protecting my phone from damage too- IDEAL. Also an added bonus is that you can opt for your initials to be embossed in gold or silver too- anyone who knows me will know I’m obsessed with anything and everything being personalised!
Your phone is the essential fashion accessory you wouldn’t leave the house without, therefore making sure it looks its very best is an absolute MUST! From my extensive research (by this I mean seriously, no stone unturned here) The Case Factory is where its at, you and your phone deserves it.
Phone cases start from £72. Shop the beautiful range here.


The Elixir Clinic is a luxurious Beauty and Anti-Ageing clinic specialising in Holistic health and is run by two beautiful and incredibly inspiring women, Mahi and Acaena who I genuinely feel blessed to know.

Enter a world of Detox, health and Well-being with Vitamin Infusions…

If you haven’t yet come across Vitamin Infusions then let me give you some background on them, you may have seen the likes of Cara Delevinge and Rhiana raving about them as they’re regular Vitamin Infusion addicts (and now I’m also a self confessed Vitamin Infusion addict too) but Vitamin Infusions gained there initial popularity with athletes looking to boost their athletic performance.

A Vitamin Infusion is an injection filled with a selection of the very best vitamins to enhance your wellbeing, aid weight-loss and promote amazing anti-ageing youthful radiance from within.

Bespoke Infusions…

Totally depending on your concerns, needs or desires your Vitamin Infusion is completely tailored especially for you, so whether you’re in the process of trying to lose weight or you suffer from fatigue/ tiredness/ hair-loss, or you simply want to promote healthy- blemish free skin and radiance- The Elixir Clinic caters to every type of beauty and wellbeing factor and concern. Click here for the Menu of Infusions and remember to get in touch with Mahi and Acaena directly to discuss bespoke Infusions and to book an appointment.

Using detox methods and the most advanced techniques The Elixir Clinic provide a service and treatments of the highest possible standard, I can say this with absolute honesty as I’ve never experienced anything so amazing- you walk away feeling fabulous from within.

My Experience…

At first I was a little sceptical as I’ve heard of Vitamin Infusions before and associated them with painful needles and because I don’t particularly like injections and have a slight fear of them I wasn’t sure how I’d find the experience.

Now after having two Infusions to date, I really don’t know why I was even worried, the whole procedure is so utterly relaxing and calming you don’t feel the injection hardly at all and you come away feeling totally relaxed and at one with yourself and your body and mind.
After having my Infusion I had a four day energy surge, I woke up the next morning feeling so energised, refreshed and more on the ball than ever! I ran 25 mins more on the treadmill at the gym and finished my workout with even more energy- it’s the most amazing feeling but quite difficult for me to explain to you without experiencing it for yourself.

One of the best things I’ve noticed since having my infusions are how well my skin has reacted to them, my second infusion included Collagen and Glutathione, this is a detox for the liver and improves complexion including skin tone and gives your skin a more radiant and glowing look(It also helps to remove dark pigmentation marks). My skin has never looked so good, and I’ve never felt so good.


Wimpole Street- Just next to Harley Street The Elixir Clinic offer Infusions here at their intimate and gorgeous Marylebone located clinic.

46 Wimpole Street

Grace Belgravia- The Elixir Clinic are also based at the stunning Grace Belgravia luxury and exclusive beauty haven.

11c West Halkin Street

I couldn’t recommend visiting Mahi and Acaena at The Elixir Clinic enough- amazing people to know and absolutely outstanding treatments to have for your entire beauty and wellbeing!

Click on the link to find out more-


If you’re searching for the perfect white smile and feel bombarded with too many teeth whitening offers coming at you left, right and centre (I have almost daily teeth whitening special offer emails clogging up my inbox) then look no further I know the most perfect place!

Located just seconds away from Harley Street,Favero Dental Clinic is situated on Wimpole Street minutes away from Marylebone High Street and the Natural Kitchen- one of my all time favourite smoothie shops in London!

As I arrived I was greeted by the most beautiful receptionist and dental assistant who welcomed me into the practice and made me feel comfortable and happy instantly! Not only a lovely practice filled with beautiful day light in one of my favourite post codes in London, but the staff were also delightful- something I always look out for when reviewing a beauty service as it really makes the difference to your overall experience.

Dr Favero was just as friendly as his staff and spent time talking me through his various treatments paying particular attention to a fabulous treatment he offers and I couldn’t wait to share with you aside from the Express Teeth Whitening, It’s the Favero Smile Makeover using super impressive technology to show you exactly how you would look with perfect teeth- it was amazing! Please click on the link above to find out more. It just goes to show you can achieve the ‘perfect smile’ and Dr Favero has the expertise, talent and technology to do so- this procedure can change the look of your face and give you amazing confidence and self esteem if your teeth are the reason you feel unhappy with your appearance.

I was treated to the Megawhite Express Teeth Whitening and had two treatments at 20 mins per treatment- even after the first whitening treatment my teeth were noticeably whiter so you can imagine how amazing they looked after two treatments! The procedure was completely pain free, Dr Favero put on some nice music and I very much enjoyed my experience it was pleasant which is not a word usually used when talking about teeth! My teeth are now whiter than ever in a completely natural way and I would recommend this this treatment to everyone!


Walking into the Mandarin Oriental spa was just like walking into a a new world of utter peacefulness and serenity and the contrast to the bustling streets of knightsbridge where this luxury hotel is based makes the spa all the more welcoming- a true central London escape.

Being greeted with fresh lavender and camomile tea nestled next to a beautiful freshly picked orchid marked the start of my journey to relaxation and I couldn’t have been more excited! I’ve been on the go 24/7 since the start of the new year (or at least that’s what it feels like!) so I was very much looking forward to being able to properly unwind and rebalance myself while experiencing first hand what the Mandarin has to offer at its top rated five star spa,especially after visiting the Mandarin Oriental in New York I was so intrigued to see how it compared…

I was booked in for a Mandarin Signature Spa Therapy AKA Mandarin style super deluxe full body massage lasting 1.50 mins so when I had the option to arrive 45 mins early to make use of the spa facilities I wondered how much spa-ing I could allocate in my busy schedule but decided to go anyway as I do find it hard to turn down such desirable invitations… and I’m incredibly glad I did!

The spa is set out separately for the male and female guests at the spa making me naturally feel more comfortable, no awkward sauna room moments! But I did actually think to myself that it was lucky I hadn’t planned on brining my partner as I’m not sure how enjoyable it would be experiencing the spa separately- but in some ways it was nice to just kick back and have some real ‘me’ time with literally no distractions whatsoever.
I had 45 mins of utter bliss, getting me in the zone for my nearly 2 hour treatment. I enjoyed multiple dips in the warm waters of the Vitality Pool,  downtime in the Amethyst Crystal Steam Room and a few sweaty sessions in the sauna, this sauna isn’t as hot as most its the perfect temperature to be able to stay lying there a lot longer! The sauna is fairly cosy in size but luckily I had the place to myself which was lovely so the cosiness of the spa didn’t bother me at all. I can imagine if its a busy day you might not agree but regardless it’s such a gorgeous haven of relaxation I doubt it would be a deal breaker.
I spent my final 15 mins prior to my treatment kicked back in the relaxation room sipping on mint infused water (delicious!) and grazing on fresh fruit and homemade oat biscuits (highly recommend trying these, YUM!)before my therapist came to meet me.

I was taken to a lovely scented treatment room filled with candles and soft music and my lovely therapist Helena, gave me a nice welcoming ‘Foot Ritual’ massage while she explained the history behind the treatments at the Mandarin. This was actually so interesting, far more interesting than I’m able to make it sound here but I can’t stress how high the level of service is at the Mandarin, they go above and beyond in each and every aspect to your spa experience and the attention to detail is impeccable.

I learnt some amazing philosophies and traditional oriental practices and got to understand a bit more about my natural ‘element’ and the sorts of essential oils to help de-stress myself – very useful indeed and tips I’ll be bringing into my day-to-day.
After being truly enlightened by Helena and listening to her create my tailor-made treatment it was time to let her work her magic on my tense and stressed body…

Before I knew it I was on the very soft treatment bed being massaged, oiled and thoroughly looked after! And it felt INCREDIBLE, it was by far the best feeling ever and I cannot recommend this treatment enough, I can’t imagine how anyone could not love this- it was so lovely to lie back and be properly looked after to this level. I came away feeling 100% re-energised, relaxed and completely and utterly pampered and can’t thank the Mandarin enough for the experience, I’ve been raving about it ever since!
Book your spa day here you won’t regret it.


Driving up to the grand gates leading up to the rather impressive Champneys manor house and surrounded by 170 acres of charming countryside had us instantly filled with excitement! Mum and I couldn’t wait to get our clothes and boots off and robes and slippers on and enter a realm of utter relaxation that we were so in need of!
Champneys is somewhat of an icon in terms of UK spa hotels, its been around for over 91 years, opening its doors in 1925! Now there are 10 Champneys spas located around the country including 4 resort spas and 6 city spas.
Its really not your standard jacuzzi, pool sauna / steam room situation…I mean don’t get me wrong the resort of course has these facilities just as all decent spas do (and so much more than this, with special reference to the Wellbeing and Detox centre which is the first of its kind in the UK) but honestly, Champneys offers so much more than a standard spa experience its better described as real rejuvenation haven allowing you to immerse yourself in utter relaxation in the most beautiful surroundings.
Once you visit Champneys its easy to see why its become so popular over the years- especially since the recent Wellbeing and Detox centre,  it just ticks every box and more combing uncompromised relaxation, health and fitness activities including high intensity classes to yoga, barre, access to the gym, guided walks around the pretty grounds and forest and a wonderful dining experience- (the buffet lunch was a personal favourite not to mention the amazing beetroot cake in the cafe- a must!)
I visited Champneys with my Mum for some lovely mother / daughter downtime to celebrate my mums birthday and it was just perfect- we shared one of the beautiful and rather spacious premier suites overlooking the manicured gardens and had such a comfortable and cosy nights stay. It was a real treat to stay in such a lovely room and we made the most of it by cracking open a bottle of bubbly after our spa treatments and lounged around in our robes with face masks on in true spa style!
A three course dinner was served in the restaurant and I must say the menu was extensive – we wanted to try everything but ended up going for the sweet potato and cumin soup, followed by the tortellini pasta dish and chessboard for dessert- delicious!
In terms of treatments Mum and I opted for a 55min full body massage and oh boy did we need it!! Both therapists said we had lots of knots in our shoulders so it wasn’t the most relaxing experience of all time as they worked hard to get the knots out but it certainly needed and definitely results driven which is what Champneys spa treatments are all about. We came away feeling completely taken care of- very talented therapists who got rid of our knots and left us feeling ready for that prosecco back in our gorgeous room.
The next morning we were very good and had a 45 min gym session just to burn off the yummy pasta (and naughty vino!) from the night before before sitting down to breakfast. Breakfast was probably the only slight downside as I would’ve liked eggs to be part of the buffet but in order to have eggs you have to order from a separately charged menu and a wider fruit selection would’ve been nice on the buffet but having said that we arrived just half an hour before breakfast finished so if you stay make sure you get there early to make the most of the fruit!
After brekkie we chilled out on the sun loungers, had a dip in the jacuzzi and had a sauna and steam session all before a good swim to build up an appetite for the amazing buffet lunch we polished off!
Lunch was really amazing, they had everything from grilled salmon, chicken, chilli, healthy curries, veggie lasagne and a mammoth salad bar. It was all very lovely indeed- I love the health aspect to Champneys they make it easy to make healthy choices and use the trip as almost a detox as temptations are at a minimum.
All in all it was a truly wonderful stay and I’m desperate to go back!! I highly recommend Champneys Tring and also recommend staying in one of the premiere suites- it absolutely makes your stay!!
To book a Champneys Spa stay click here.


Each and every year during The Poppy Appeal and Remembrance time we all take some time out to remember the truly extraordinary contribution that Service men and women, veterans and their families make to our country. This year I’ve discovered yet another way, a beauty-related way, to support women through their outstanding war efforts and it comes in the form of investing in a bottle of this INCREDIBLE fragrance!


The power of fragrance is more relevant than ever thanks to Elizabeth Arden’s launch of Always Red, created to embody the confidence associated with wearing the colour red and helping us to show our support. Elizabeth Arden will donate £5 from every purchase of Always Red sold between October 11th- November 11th- so don’t miss out on making a gift of charity! This couldn’t be a more giving Christmas gift.

The distinctive fragrance is made up of a red focused cocktail of ingredients including; blood orange,  red plum and passion fruit and is made feminine and hugely addictive thanks to its textured heart beats of jasmine sambac, velvet rose petals and pink freesia- it smells DIVINE!!

Always Red was created by renowned perfumer Clement Gavarry alongside Elizabeth Arden’s Vice President Senior Perfumer Yves Cassar, both from IFF.

As soon as I smelt this fragrance I was hooked and there hasn’t been a day I haven’t worn it, I’m that addicted to it!!

Always Red £30 (30ml), £38 (50ml) and £54 (100ml) buy it here.

Remember to tweet @ElizabethArdenUK @PoppyLegion and tweet #AlwaysRed #AlwaysRemembered


Venice is a very special place for me, being the place myself and my girlfriend (not anymore!) got engaged earlier this year… I don’t know what I expected from the city but it surpassed my wildest imagination could have hoped for.
If you’ve ever been to Venice you’ll know that the floating city should be the 8th wonder of the world… a beautiful bustling island in the middle of a blue lagoon that for centuries has been the flawless sapphire in Italy’s crown and gateway to the world… Arguably the most famous Venetian son -Marco Polo and many other merchants of this romantic city set sail from Venice to trade with the east returning with spices, foods and other-worldly goods that we only could of dreamed of back then. These discoveries cemented Venice’ everlasting and historic role in the Art and tradition of perfumery.
 Many of these foreign treasures make up the elements of Venetian Blue, the new fragrance from historic perfume house The Merchant Of Venice. A perfumery as beautiful and seductive as its namesake by William Shakespeare.
  This distinctively unique fragrance begins sparkly – Citrus notes fused with apple and pineapple before developing with a mix of spices and patchouli. Deep mossy notes are later carried out with Birch and Black Pepper. Venetian Blue is masculine but with a delicate heart to it. The glass deep blue bottle is a nod to Venice’ famous glass from Murano too.
Venetian Blue is Perfect encapsulates unforgettable memories of gondola rides down winding canals, aperitifs before dinner overlooking the Rialto and exploring every hidden corner of this magical city on a blue Venetian night.
This is a real all-rounder in my book, great for all occasions but still defining and suave for making a real statement. 
Passers by will swoon as if you were Venice’s famous other son…Casanova.
Venetian Blue is available exclusively at House of Fraser – 100ml for £120
By James Shand