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Champneys Eastwell Manor

Eastwell Manor in Ashford Kent has always been a spa go-to for My Mum and I as its not too far from my family home in Ramsgate but far enough for us to feel like we’ve made an escape!

In all honesty over the years we sort of felt that the spa had started to look a bit tired and in need of a revamp so when we discovered Champneys had added Eastwell Manor to their portfolio of spa hotels we were VERY intrigued as to what it would be like and how it had been improved….

A few weeks ago we thought we’d go and check it out and stayed at the hotel for a nights stay, it was the 3rd Jan so what better way to kick-start the year than at a lovely spa and beautiful manor house in the countryside for the ultimate mummy daughter sleepover!

I’d never stayed at Eastwell Manor before so was extra excited to experience it properly, also it made it even more relaxing being able to leave the spa and head over to the manor house to chill out and get ready for dinner without rushing off home and having to drive back. We stayed in the ‘Robert Curtoys’ suite which is a HUGE and beautifully decorated room complete with kingsize bed, bath tub, and all the luxury trimmings you get with a premium hotel – there was even a thoughtful hamper in the room on our arrival filled with yummy treats! We enjoyed these whilst sipping on our bottle of bubbly before we went down to dinner, was lovely and the perfect post spa and pre-dinner apéritif.


Both my mum and I were very impressed by how the spa had completely been transformed, it looks totally different in every single way possible and SO fresh, modern and sleek, the cabana style lounge beds around the pool area gives it almost an ibiza style feel to it whereas before the revamp it had a much more traditional vibe. I must say, did like the big old school painting on the wall by the pool before and the darkness of the jacuzzi area but other than that I’m truly impressed with what Champneys have done, they’ve injected life to the place and I think it was much needed. One of my favourite areas of the spa is the spa restaurant / cafe the marble tables and fresh hydrangeas on each table looked so chic and pretty- so insta worthy.


I had an Elemis Deep Tissue Massage and it was AMAZING, just what the Doctor ordered! My therapist was wonderful as she gave me a thorough consultation before she started and totally tailored my treatment to my needs, I told her how much tension I felt in my shoulders and scalp and she made these areas a focal point leaving me walking out of the treatment room feeling utterly relaxed! Very impressed indeed.

My mum had a luxury pedicure which she really enjoyed, she said the beautician was so lovely and chatty and she was very pleased with the end result, the only aspect she would improve as she could’ve done with being offered a cup of tea or coffee as there were parts of the treatment for example the foot mask where you have to wait for 10/15 mins so a hot drink would’ve been a nice way to fill the time. Other than that, it was great!

I would definitely recommend Eastwell Manor especially since the Champneys transformations, we had such a special time there and was just what we both needed, to get away and enjoy some proper pampering together. There’s nothing quite like time with your Mum and I’m already looking forward to the next getaway together!

We especially loved how regal the main manor house is and how, in contrast the spa is – its nice to have best of both worlds which Eastwell Manor certainly has, what a wonderful place.


Slipsilk Sleep Mask

I’ve been looking into silk eye masks for a long time now, as after all we do spend a third of our lives asleep!! Weird when you think of it like that isn’t it?! I’ve been debating getting one for a while and then deciding against it thinking I probably won’t wear it and it will quickly become a fad that I’ll instagram once and be bored of after a few nights…

BUT I must admit that for the last 2 weeks and exactly 14 nights in a row I’ve gone to sleep wearing my slip silk sleep eye mask and have woken up after a pretty much sound nights sleep feeling, I must say well rested! Is there any better feeling than that? No, not many things in life compare to the feeling of a great nights sleep, you feel more energised, refreshed and recharged ready to tackle the day ahead. The only change in my routine is my slip eye mask so whether or not its actually made a difference in reality I just don’t know as it might be that introducing the mask has subconsciously made me sleep better- but what I do think has made the biggest difference of all is the TOTAL blackout that the mask provides which I think really does allow you to switch off and enter the land of nod so much more quickly and easily .

Considering I haven’t been sleeping well at all lately which I think is down to the simple fact that we have some serious stuff going on at the moment, I’ve been finding it hard to zone-out and quieten my mind when I go to sleep at night.  What with the big move fast approaching (thank the lord I literally cannot wait!) our new puppy Jeffery coming to live with us next month (too excited to put into words!)and my hen do and then FINALLY wedding and honeymoon life is BUSY but brilliant. I am most definitely living my best life but hadn’t been having my best nights sleep to allow me to mentally tackle everything going on right now,  so this silk sleep mask has come into my life at exactly the right time.

I went for the peach colour and its SO gorgeous, Its the most perfect pinky peach colour and looks gorgeous on! I’m so into the branding and packaging so well done Slip you’ve got it spot on and I’m a huge fan. I think these eye masks make the perfect gifts for the ladies in your life that have everything else, I doubt they have one of these lovely masks in their life. Something so simple but helps you sleep so soundly!

Slip 100% Silk Eye Mask is made from the highest grade (6A) long strand pure mulberry silk made with certified non toxic dyes and costs £45 buy it from Net-a-porter here

My Hair Journey…

If you know me you will know that I am totally and utterly obsessed with hair, no actually let me rephrase that- I’m obsessed with my own hair being long, thick and as healthy as possible.

The 3-4 years has seen me go from having super long, rapunzel hair in the form of the amazing Gold Class hair extensions by hair extension Queen Becky at Daniel Galvin to having them taken out completely and going for the mother of all chops! I went from this….

To this…..

I got my extensions out and had my chop a month after I got engaged in May 2016- I knew It was the right time in my life to wave goodbye to fake hair and welcome fresh, new NATURAL hair to my life. Sometimes I think you need something MAJOR to happen to you for you to make these kinds of decisions, and for me this was it. Also my fiance James happens to HATE  extensions with a passion, he hates how he can’t touch my head without feeling ‘those annoying bumping things everywhere’ his words not mine. Those ‘annoying bumpy things’ happened to make me feel very good about my self the last few years but just like everything, it had to come to an end and now guess what makes me feel good? Being able to wash, brush and touch my own naturally healthy and admittedly shiny hair that I’ve been taking the very best of care of since that day I had the chop.

I wanted to share the products and tips I’ve stuck to religiously since I made the decision to take proper care of my real hair, so here goes…


OLAPLEX & TRIM- I go to Blush + Blow in Parsons Green Fulham and have the professional in-salon Olaplex Treatment once every 6 weeks (sometimes olaplex once a month and trim at 8 weeks but more often than not, both at 8 weeks) and a little trim so keep split ends at bay and keep my blunt cut looking blunt – I think theres no better way to fast-rack to think looking hair than going for a blunt cut! Cutting your hair regularly will keep it growing healthily.

If you know about Olaplex, you know!! This miracle treatment works by reconnecting broken sulfur bonds in the hair and repairs and limits damage hair colouring causes – an absolute MUST for blondes especially, but really anyone who colours their hair.

£65 for Olaplex – Book in here


I highly recommend investing in Olaplex No.3- the at home hair treatment to use in between salon Olaplex treatments and in-between hair colouring applications – you hair will look visibly better for it I can assure you. I wet my hair in the shower, towel dry, apply the product from roots to ends and then wrap it up in a bun and sleep with it in. Sometimes (if I have time) I wash out the product in the morning and follow on with a Wella SP application for EXTRA amazingly soft, well nourished hair.


WELLA SP LIQUID HAIR- A colourist at Daniel Galvin recommended this to me the day I had my hair chopped off so I immediately ordered it online and have been using it once a week / once every two weeks ever since. She swore by it and no I can’t live without it- Its a moleular hair refiller which basically works to rebuild the hair’s inner and outer structure whilst nourishing the hair. To use, wash your hair then jump out of the shower, towel dry and use about 5/6 pipettes of Liquid Hair applying to sections in the hair. Now comb through and blow in- do this for about 5 mins before hopping back into the shower to rinse. You will see exactly why I use this once you give it a try- its transformed my hair.

£43.35 -Buy it here



I use this everyday, its a great brush to detangle hair without damaging it and makes my hair look so full and shiny when I brush it in the morning. Feels amazing on your scalp too which I’m sure is a great thing to encourage and wake up hair follicles.

£15 -Buy it here


My favourite hair heat protection, this cream not only protects the hair from heat damage when styling but it smoothes the hair and primes it ready for you to style it. I love it and have been using it for years now!

£15.26 Buy it here


I use this hero hair oil to apply to my damp ends after washing and it seals ends making it feel SUPER soft and look so sleek! I love the smell of it too. I’ve also been using this since I can remember as my mum has always been a fan of it.

£34 (currently on offer!) Buy it here



I use (and I’m obsessed with) the Pureology Platinum shampoo and conditioner to keep my highlighted hair looking bright and healthy – this shampoo neutralises any brassy / yellowy tones and protects it at the same  time. Its also sulphate free and smells LOVELY! If you have blonde hair I would invest in this to keep the colour looking as fresh and bright as possible and to avoid the horrible brassy tones that natural happen over time with highlighted and blonde coloured hair. I’ve tried lots of these sorts of shampoos and I can honestly say this is my absolute FAVE!

£35- Buy it here


By this I mean find a hair colourist that goes above and beyond and does whats best for your hair…I did this and discovered the wonderful (and utterly gorgeous!!!) Amy Nitsopoulos and have vowed to never let another colourist touch my hair! She’s seriously INCRED and I’m so thankful to have her in my life. My hair colour has never looked so good- the blonde is so natural and grows out so nicely, low maintenance and healthy looking. Amy you are the very best of the best! Find Amy at Taylor Taylor in Shoreditch and I promise you will never look back, best decision I’ve ever made.

Sand & Sky Brilliant Skin Mask

This undeniably insta-worthy purifying mask had a lot to live up to, every blogger and their sister have been story-ing this cool looking mask for weeks so obviously I had to try it for myself asap!

I’ve just returned home from a review stay at Eastwell Manor in Ashford, Kent and I took my unopened pot of Sand & Sky with me for the trip- I’m so glad I did as it was the ultimate pamper partner alongside my robe and glass of prosecco after our lovely spa session.

So what really attracted me to this product lets be honest was the pink branding, being the glossy girl I am I’m of course naturally drawn to anything pretty and pink and the fact this happened to be skincare just made it all the more appealing!

4 IN 1

This pure Australian pink clay mask deeply cleanses and ‘detoxifies’ the skin, resulting in bright skin and refined pores so much so that 92% of its customers said they saw immediate results…..

So, picture this I’m at Eastwell Manor having a lovely relaxed time with my Mum in my robe post spa and open my pot of Sand & Sky to find the CUTEST little brush applicator inside the box- I use the brush to apply to my freshly cleansed skin and leave to tighten…this slightly tingly, tight feeling on my face felt good- like it was actively doing good stuff to my skin and I can only assume it was because 30 mins later – the box said leave for 10 but I was feeling fancy and enjoying one too many glasses of bubbles (so much for dry Jan!)…anyway, so I warm a flannel and slowly wipe away the mask to reveal FRESH and GLOWING looking skin – like actually visibly glowing and lovely- an addictive feeling I wish to repeat. I think this little pot of goodness is going to be a once a week wonder part of my skincare regime for sure!

To buy click here its £39.90 and worth every penny, read other rave reviews here

From gift wrap to hair ties #recycle

I was lucky enough to get some pretty outstanding gifts this Christmas – spoilt girl alert for sure! My Fiancé James always goes above and beyond with gifts, I’m always telling him he should start up a luxury gift concierge for guys that struggle with the art of gifting because he literally nails it every.single.time. From the time he got me a ‘Roses’ diptyque candle with a bell jar instead of buying me a bouquet of flowers so the scent would last longer and knowing I’m completely obsessed with candles, especially from Diptque. From the time he commissioned my favourite illustrator who lives in LA to draw a picture of me to put in my office and also a digital version because he knew I’d want to use it for my blog or website she even sent me a hand written ‘happy birthday’ note!

But most recently, just last week in fact on my 28th Birthday after James had been calling Louis Vuitton customer services every single day for a month (pure dedication) to see if the Vanity Case he knew I had my eye on was in stock  he popped into the Bond St store for the hundredth time to see if on the off chance they did have one in stock (baring in mind Christmas was just 2 days away) – he did this whilst I was having my birthday ear piercing at Maria Tash at Liberty….and guess what? They did but it was in Harrods and they only had 1 so James messaged to say he was trying to find his wedding tie and would be late meeting me and in the meantime rushed across London to Harrods – sweet talked the sales advisor explaining the vanity case situation and managed to get the last vanity case in London!! When he came to meet me said LV case was carefully hidden in a big Zara bag, yes he went there afterwards to get a bag to hide the LV bag to distract me! Credit when credits due I think…James you are the best and this is just one of your many talents. I’m aware that this all sounds incredibly materialistic indeed but actually I couldn’t care less because it just shows how James repeatedly pulls it out the bag (pardon the pun) year after year to make me happy alongside every other thoughtful little thing he does. #HusbandPoints

Anyway, back to the ribbons…James for my Birthday present bought me a gorgeous pair of Chanel ballerina pumps and they came beautifully wrapped with navy blue ribbon so I decided to reuse and recycle and wore it in my hair on Christmas day this year- see photo…this has sparked me to go to John Lewis and buy more ribbon to tie in my hair – I love this look its so easy and gives your gift packaging a second life!



As 2017 draws to a close I’ve been reflecting on all sorts of things that have happened this year and I know everyone says this but seriously I cannot get over how incredibly fast this year has flown by. I think its probably because James and I are planning our wedding (12th May 2018!) and we’re STILL in the long and stressful process of buying our first house- not long to go now!!…Its been quite the year and I know 2018 is definitely going to top it! This year has all been about the preparing and planning and 2018 is going to be about the milestone memories- knowing this as we’re just about to step into a brand new year makes me happier than I can put into this blog post.

Whilst a lot has happened for me personally and work wise I’ve also very importantly grown to love some products that have quickly won cult status to me so I wanted to share a few of my faves from 2017, these products will certainly be helping me look, smell and feel great in 2018!

By Terry Cellularose Brightening CC Serum 

This stuff is what beauty dreams are made of. The only way to describe this is an instant complexion enhancer in one sweep! I opted for the darkest shade ‘Sunny Flash’ and I honestly can’t imagine doing my makeup without it. I’m going to dedicate a full post to it over the next few weeks so watch this space!

Byredo Bal D’Afrique 

This scent has seen me through the final quarter of the year and for that reason alone means its one I’ll always cherish and never forget – so much has happened in the last few months all whilst wearing this scent. It has the power to instantly uplift me and its incredibly moorish.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold 

This award-winning revolutionary resurfacing treatment works by stimulating deep layers of the skin to lift, rejuvenate and resurface the skin cells. I use it every 2 days after cleansing, before I go to bed and I wake up to seriously glowing skin. I’ve recommended this stuff to so many people it really is amazing and I’m nearly at the end of my second bottle.

Tan Luxe Illuminating Tan Drops

Tan Luxe has become my favourite sunless tanning brand, I love the tanning mouse and tanning water I do a fully body self tan once a week  (usually on a Sunday night ready for the week ahead) but these illuminating tan drops are just the best ever! I mix a few drops into my moisturiser before I go to bed once or twice a week and I wake up to a very subtle bronzed natural glow. I always get compliments on how well I look when I use this stuff so I know it must work! There really is nothing better than a tan and these drops make it fool proof and so easy!

This year I’ve been concentrating on my skin more than ever- I mean I’ve always been into it but this year more than most I think with the lead up to my wedding I’ve been giving it extra love! I use this every single day without fail and my skin looks so hydrated and youthful as a result. This formula uses three forms of HA with varying molecular weights, as well as an HA crosspolymer, to offer multi-depth hydration and visible plumping without drawing water out of the skin solely to improve temporary surface hydration.

Wishing you all the very best 2018 – thank you so much for reading and see you on the other side!!

Love, Jess


A facial literally MADE for us glossy girls over here at The Glossy Blog! With a name like this I obvs couldn’t resit but to try it out especially with the change of seasons taking its toll on my skin AND with my very strict pre-wedding skin regime in full swing  it made total sense to ‘get glowed’ asap!


So let me introduce you to the incredible Dr Krystyna Wilczynski, she’s the brains and absolute BEAUTY behind the DrK brand. Its hard to describe her as she’s most definitely not your average dental surgeon / facial aesthetics practitioner, such’s such a cool, down-to-earth person (not scary or intimidating in the slightest) and has a KILLER sense of humour with tons of charisma. DRK is literally able to turn your mood around in a split second and her sparkle stays with you long after she’s finished her treatments on you- I’m very sure this is part of the reason she’s so booked up secondary to her super impressive dentistry and aesthetics skills.

DrK, as I like to refer to her as operates from her Guildford and Essex clinics with a glamorous London residency at my favourite hair and beauty hub Blush and Blow in Fulham. She specialises in bespoke non-surgical facial treatments including botox, fillers, teeth whitening, invisalign and facial chemical peels (which is what I’m just about to give you the lowdown on!) Its safe to say that DrK is responsible for London’s most flawless faces and hollywood smiles so with this in mind you know before you even go in for a consultation you are in the very best of hands. These sort of treatments can sometimes feel scary and unknown so it definitely makes a huge difference knowing your Dr has the medical experience and professionalism you would expect.


If the word ‘peel’ makes you instantly reference the Sex and The City moment where Samantha’s face is quite literally peeling off and bright red then think again, this is certainly not the case these days! To explain properly a chemical peel is a superficial peeling system used only by medical skincare professionals that is clinically proven to achieve outstanding and predictable results for the skin. There’s no actual physical peeling of the skin, the product exfoliates and works on a cellular level to create truly GLOWING results that I can personally vouch for.

I arrived for my ‘Get The Glow Gylcolic peel’ with DrK at her London location at Parsons Green (Blush + Blow) with noticeably dehydrated post flight skin, I’ve recently travelled to Budapest and after 5 days of eating carbs, goulash and cocktails my skin was in desperate need of some TLC!

DrK explained exactly how the peel works (see above) asked me to lay down and made sure I was comfy. She then removed my makeup, applied the pre-peel solution and then went on to perform the chemical peel…my skin felt tingly which I personally loved the feel of. It reassured me that the product was actually doing something which I sometimes question with other facial treatments. DrL then removed the peel and finished by applying some moisturiser and SPF as the skin needs to be even more protected after a peel.

Straight after my peel my skin looked incredible, literally so so glowy that someone in the coffee shop I went to after actually remarked on it! The days following my peel proved that peels are worth every penny, my skin looks gorgeous and flawless and I trust DrK when she says a peel a month is the best way to maintain the most beautiful glowing skin as well as eating as clean and healthily as possible. A staple part of my bridal beauty regime for sure – I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Get The Glow GLycolic Peel £85, click here to book

French Christmas Beauty Gifts

Is it me or has there been a real surge in French beauty brands lately, they seem to be having a bit of a moment in the industry which makes me very happy indeed as I’ve always been a french beauty brand lover! Whenever I visit France the first thing I do (immediately after chomping down a freshly basked croissant- obvs) is find the nearest pharmacy, everyone knows that French pharmacies always have the most incredible range of beauty brands – I love picking new french beauty products I haven’t tried before and this is one of my favourite ways to do it!

I’m obsessed with Avenu for their micellar water and La Roche-Posay for their Cicaplast Baume B5 healing cream but my go-to French brand of all time has to be L’Occitane. There are too many products to list my faves but I especially love the relaxing pillow mist (smells divine and is the perfect remedy for a great nights sleep) and I’ve always used the Shea Butter hand cream keeps hands so nourished and soft- my mum has always told me to apply hand cream as much as possible as aged hands are the biggest age giveaway!

I’ve recently started putting my christmas gift list together and wanted to share a beauty gift box by L’Occitane perfect for your best friend, work colleague or even makes a lovely little Christmas gifts for mums. 

There are so many lovely beauty gift boxes available on the site and in-store too but my fave is definitely the Almond body products gift box including the shower oil, milk concentrate, soap and hand cream- I love the way the products when used together make my skin feel. All of the products are natural and feel so luxurious on the skin.

Its the best gift to give your favourite person the perfect excuse to pamper themselves- especially if they love the nourishing gorgeous feel of almond. Also the packaging is gorgeous too!! So no need to worry about wrapping it up.


Rosie has been absolutely RAVING about this scent ever since she received a sample of it in her first Glossier order and ordered a full sized bottle immediately!! I knew even without smelling it that I would like it – Rosie’s excitement over this scent meant it was a dead cert that I would feel the same about it as we have similar taste! (I like to call this level of in-syncness a Gloss + Glow thing- happens all the time!)

Ok, so Glossier is now in the UK old news I know, but now the thrill of boy brow has finally calmed down (review to follow) and has very quickly earned its beauty cult status in record time, its only natural that we need a new kind of Glossier obsession- so with this in mind I introduce to you… GLOSSIER YOU the smell that suits everyone and the scent that everyone needs to add to their christmas wish list!

‘The Ultimate Personal Fragrance’ is the powerful tag line for this newly launched scent and is one thats hard to believe to be true- how can a fragrance be personal to everyone?! OK Molecule have already done this and it definitely worked (its all i wore for a long time) but this is a different type of smell and composition of notes and although I love wearing it for the compliments alone (ha) I can’t actually smell it very strongly on myself, whereas when I wear this one (Glossier You) I really enjoy the smell of myself haha if that even makes sense I love the occasional whiff I get and it genuinely makes me happy wearing it, and from the feedback I’ve had from James and random people who have commented on it- sounds like it makes them happy too!

How to describe GY…so this unique perfume is incredibly warm and homely yet seductive, fresh and feminine- it just works, you know? Hard to put into words in a review but easy to fall in love with on first smell. This sounds like I’m on some kind of commission to sell it (if only this were true, would be the easiest challenge) but being the fragrance obsessive I am, this very reasonably priced (and gorgeously packaged (if you know about the pink packaging you KNOW) really does stand out to me- so there you have it the glossy girls scent of choice – you will smell Rosie and I a mile off for all the right reasons.


 *please be advised that the formula comes incomplete; You are the first ingredient*

– ambrette: comfy, warm
– ambrox: smooth, salty, animalistic
– musk: long- lasting, addictive

– iris root: earthy, green, woody
– pink pepper: spice, sparkling

Buy it here – Eau De Parfum £45 50ml


Now this is a brand i’ve been dying to try for such a long time now! So happy I’ve finally got round to trying the products on my hit list including the Intensive Repair shampoo and conditioner and the Overnight Hair Oil. 


The brand started with the opening of the Sachajuan salon in Stokholm in 1997 by Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind- two high profile and globally recognised hairdressers, these guys were a freaking big deal in the fashion and beauty industry bursting with creativity and knowledge which led them to opening their salon and naturally launching their haircare line…

This brand has been everywhere and is loved by some of the biggest names in the industry, so obvs I had to give it a go and see what the products are like on my own hair. 

The founders vision was to make their haircare line uncomplicated. Simple to use and understand – taking the complexity out of haircare but delivering reliable results. Everything about Sachajuan is simplistic, the packaging and branding, the website (loving the use of capital letters and easy navigation / images- my only criticism would be that the wording next to the images in the shop are slightly too small to read- maybe i just need to wear my reading glasses though!) but other than that the website is sleek and simple AF. 

The design of the bottles came from the traditional brown glass medicine bottles merged together with the white simplicity and elegancy inspired by the salon- super insta-worthy thats for sure. 

Since launching the brand has doubled its product sales each year – this is undeniably impressive, especially in an oversaturated market that is hair! 

So, my thoughts and feedback on the products….



I naturally picked the Intensive Repair Shampoo as I believe that anyone who colours their hair are exposing it to damage of some degree (even Olaplex obsessives like me) so any repair in the form of shampoo and conditioner is very much welcomed into my hair regime! 

These products are created with ocean silk technology combined with UV protectants that penetrate the follicle and stay there even after rinsing, to provide maximum protection and intensive care to damaged hair……

FEEDBACK: My hair felt properly nourished and hydrated after using the shampoo and looked noticeably shiny- also really like the smell. However, I had to rinse it a few times to make sure all of the product was out of my hair as the first time I used it I felt some residue still left in my hair making it feel a tad greasy. Glad I tried again though as this didn’t happen on my second hair wash attempt. 


This over night repair treatment oil is designed to build elasticity and to strengthen your hair whilst you sleep and give you fabulous shine as a result. Interestingly it has the highest concentration of ocean silk technology of all of the Sachajuan haircare range and contains the algae’s of Rhodophycea (this penetrates and streengthens) and Chondrus Crispus (this adds moist and shine)

CONSISTENCY: Gel formula based on water, very light and watery 

FEEDBACK: Easy to use and super deceiving (i think maybe due to the watery consistency) – at first you sort of feel like it wont do anything but don’t be put off- you will wake up with amazingly silky soft and nourished hair! I’m obsessed and vow to do this at least once a week along with my monthly Olaplex in-salon treatments. 

TIP: I use this on damp hair for better results than using on dry hair! Best to sleep with this product in your hair to give it long enough to work its magic on your locks!

NOTE: No need to wash the product out in the morning, the formula doesn’t weigh the hair down so can be left in without hair looking greasy like most oils and hair repair treatments – huge bonus points for this as it encourages you to apply more frequently. 

Intensive Repair Shampoo £20

Intensive Repair Conditioner £22

Over Night Repair Oil £35