I’ve been on a scent hunt for the last few months in a bid to find a perfect new smell to wear in Autumn and Winter. I always really enjoy buying a new fragrance for each new season as I like it to represent that particular time in my life. My summer scent was Guerlain Mon and I bought it at the airport on route to Italy for our wedding research trip….now whenever i smell it it literally takes me back to that amazing holiday, it was certainly a trip I’ll never forget, everything was just so perfect and lovely and the scent represents all of that- the taste of the pizza at the little restaurant we went to in Positano overlooking the insane views, the wine during our tasting at our wedding venue, the smell of the sun lotion on my skin and the sea breeze whilst we sailed around Capri…Its like I’m instantly transported to such vivid memories and experiences – I love it more than anything!

So, back to current times…Hello Autumn 2017. I wanted a scent to represent this time in my life as its a transitional time in more ways than one for me and for us as a couple. We’re in the middle of moving houses and living with a friend until the house we’re buying completes in Dec so everything about my life seems to have done a 360 almost- not in a negative way, just so different and i although I literally cannot wait to move into our little nest in time for Christmas (fingers crossed) I don’t want to forget this time either for lots of reasons. I want a fragrance to warm me up and make me feel grounded and secure, something a bit sexy and mysterious and it has to be slightly unusual…i don’t ask for much do I?! With this brief in mind my fragrance connoisseur friend Lauren (and Beauty / fragrance PR Guru) took me to Liberty to get smelling and I came away with my perfect scent….

I’ve heard (and seen) so much of Byredo that I kind of didn’t want to give into the whole Gypsy Water- insta craze- I mean I love it, it smells gorgeous and I will probably buy it at some point but there was another fragrance that really struck a cord and that I ended up going for. Its not even a best seller (Black Saffron and Gypsy Water are best sellers according to the sales advisor at Liberty) but theres something about Bal D’Afrique that I instantly fell in love with, when you know you know! This perfume is warm and romantic but intense and deep at the same time. Its inspired by Paris in the late 20’s and its infatuation with African culture, art, music and dance.

I can’t stop wearing it and I know that in seasons to come when we’re settled into our new little abode snuggled on the sofa hopefully with our new puppy Jeffery that one smell of this will take me back to this very time in my life.


TOP: African Marigold, Bergamot, Bucchu, Lemon, Neroli

HEART: Cyclamen, Jasmine Petals, Violet 

BASE: Black Amber, Moroccan Cedarwood, Musk, V

Byredo Bal D’Afrique £142 100ml