During my years of working in this industry and naturally meeting the vast amount of people I have in both the PR and the journalism world- including some of the most powerful and established entrepreneurs in the industry, to the top dogs at some of the biggest brands and fashion houses in the country- I can honestly and whole heartedly say I have never met anyone like Bridget O’Keeffe.
Bridget, if you didn’t already know is founder of Blush + Blow.
Blush + Blow is by far the coolest, swankiest and most well thought-out blow dry and beauty salon in not only Fulham but in London (I want to say in the whole of the UK but I don’t want this post to sound like i’m fluffing it up in any way- but honestly, it absolutely kills it on ALL levels).
B+B goes above and beyond expectations in every possible way and smashes down beauty salon standards in terms of treatment offerings, treatment price points and the overall luxurious and ‘home from home’ experience that I think we can all agree is SO hard to find when looking for a luxury beauty hub that delivers on all accounts.
There’s just no two ways about it, nothing like Blush + Blow exists and thats all down the INCREDIBLY talented, enviously ambitious and the undeniably beautiful soul (on both the inside and out) belonging to the woman behind it. Having a natural talent for business, beauty and not being afraid of a challenge is one thing but the pure love and devotion Bridget puts into every single aspect of her business and every person she meets is what really sets her apart from anyone else.
I might be hard to believe it when I say that I’m not being biased because I have the pleasure work with Bridget and I’m lucky enough to represent her amazing business and soon-to-be beauty salon empire (watch this space) but I truly mean it, she’s one of a kind and Blush + Blow completely reflects her. Go check it out, I know you you’ll be blown away (pardon the pun).