When I came across the Detox Dust (£22) by Bybi I knew I HAD to try it. One, its January and who doesn’t need a product that says ‘DETOX’ and two, I’m a sucker for face masks- mainly because nothing makes my face feel as clean or bright after a long day in London. I also love trying out anything new, slightly different and can’t help but get pulled in by gorgeous packaging!

Detox Dust is skincare customisation at its best-you decide what makes up the base of this anti-pollution face mask, which means its suitable for all skin types.

A blend of activated charcoal and kaolin clay work to rid the skin of toxins, impurities and daily grime. Simply add honey, yoghurt, water, avocado, milk, oil (you get the point) to the dust to form a paste, and smooth onto your skin. This enables you to change up the formula depending on what your skin needs at the time.

Lotus, ginseng and papaya enzymes act as powerful antioxidants to regenerate dull skin whilst protecting against free radical damage caused by pollution and city grime. Oats provide gently exfoliation and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and calm stressed and sensitised skin.

The brand is natural, cruelty free AND vegan friendly, so I was hoping this product would be ideal for my sensitive, blemish prone skin.

I’ve probably mentioned in previous posts that I grew up with super sensitive skin- I was pretty much allergic to anything I put on my face- make-up, face paint and sun tan lotion specifically. As I’ve got older my skin seems to have built up a tolerance and I can now handle sun tan lotion and make-up, as well as most skincare products. I can’t remember the last time I had a reaction…famous last words.

I sat in the bath with the face mask (which I mixed with water) and it felt very much like any other clay mask. I left it on for 10-15 minutes and then took off the mask with a flannel. To my surprise I was left with what looked like sun burn—and goggle marks! I had to see the funny side, I mean I was working from home the next day so no worry of seeing people there, and I’m very used to my skin reacting…also my boyfriend barely noticed! What is it with men and not noticing the very obvious, usually he notices if I’ve changed my hair or painted my nails but not when I have a bright red face…which made it even funnier! In hindsight, for my particularly sensitive skin, I should have mixed the powder with yoghurt, or avocado as this would’ve been gentler on my skin.

However, although I did have a slight reaction which `I would make others who have sensitive skin aware of, since then my skin has felt clear and bright. I haven’t felt the need to wear make-up the last two days since applying the mask, and my skin feels less dull and grey, and more vibrant and dewy!

Would definitely recommend to those looking for a new face mask that’s fun to mix and customise yourself for an overall glow, however note to self: patch test!

You can buy the Detox Dust for £22 here.


Rosie x