In my opinion one of the MOST crucial and significant steps in a skincare routine has to be anti-ageing eye cream. Eye wrinkles are a big age giveaway and I personally would rather protect and nourish the skin around my eyes whilst i’m in my 20’s so that when i reach my 30’s I’m not running to a harley street clinic to have them sorted out! (I’m not saying I definitely would do this but I would rather take good care of the skin around my eyes now to prevent stress later on! not to mention a hefty bill haha)

The two eye creams I’ve been consistently using are the Environ AVST Eye Gel and the Origins cult classic GinZing Eye Cream. Both amazing but for different reasons which is why I use both daily…taking these extra precautions should hopefully pay off!

Origins GinZing Eye Cream is an instant morning-after SAVIOUR, results are immediate making tired, puffy eyes look brighter and more awake a real go-to that I use every morning without fail. I love the texture of this illuminating cream and the way it makes my under-eye concealer hold better to. It’s £20 and you can buy it here.

Environ AVST Eye Gel is more of a longterm anti-ageing product to help soften the appearance of fine lines around the eyes and give a firmer and overall lifted look to the eyes. It’s packed full of vitamin A and antioxidants and is great for night time application, you will wake up feeling far more refreshed and then with the help of GinZing your eyes will be as bright as can be!
Buy it in salon at Blush + Blow London.