I was lucky enough to get some pretty outstanding gifts this Christmas – spoilt girl alert for sure! My Fiancé James always goes above and beyond with gifts, I’m always telling him he should start up a luxury gift concierge for guys that struggle with the art of gifting because he literally nails it every.single.time. From the time he got me a ‘Roses’ diptyque candle with a bell jar instead of buying me a bouquet of flowers so the scent would last longer and knowing I’m completely obsessed with candles, especially from Diptque. From the time he commissioned my favourite illustrator who lives in LA to draw a picture of me to put in my office and also a digital version because he knew I’d want to use it for my blog or website she even sent me a hand written ‘happy birthday’ note!

But most recently, just last week in fact on my 28th Birthday after James had been calling Louis Vuitton customer services every single day for a month (pure dedication) to see if the Vanity Case he knew I had my eye on was in stock  he popped into the Bond St store for the hundredth time to see if on the off chance they did have one in stock (baring in mind Christmas was just 2 days away) – he did this whilst I was having my birthday ear piercing at Maria Tash at Liberty….and guess what? They did but it was in Harrods and they only had 1 so James messaged to say he was trying to find his wedding tie and would be late meeting me and in the meantime rushed across London to Harrods – sweet talked the sales advisor explaining the vanity case situation and managed to get the last vanity case in London!! When he came to meet me said LV case was carefully hidden in a big Zara bag, yes he went there afterwards to get a bag to hide the LV bag to distract me! Credit when credits due I think…James you are the best and this is just one of your many talents. I’m aware that this all sounds incredibly materialistic indeed but actually I couldn’t care less because it just shows how James repeatedly pulls it out the bag (pardon the pun) year after year to make me happy alongside every other thoughtful little thing he does. #HusbandPoints

Anyway, back to the ribbons…James for my Birthday present bought me a gorgeous pair of Chanel ballerina pumps and they came beautifully wrapped with navy blue ribbon so I decided to reuse and recycle and wore it in my hair on Christmas day this year- see photo…this has sparked me to go to John Lewis and buy more ribbon to tie in my hair – I love this look its so easy and gives your gift packaging a second life!