Venice is a very special place for me, being the place myself and my girlfriend (not anymore!) got engaged earlier this year… I don’t know what I expected from the city but it surpassed my wildest imagination could have hoped for.
If you’ve ever been to Venice you’ll know that the floating city should be the 8th wonder of the world… a beautiful bustling island in the middle of a blue lagoon that for centuries has been the flawless sapphire in Italy’s crown and gateway to the world… Arguably the most famous Venetian son -Marco Polo and many other merchants of this romantic city set sail from Venice to trade with the east returning with spices, foods and other-worldly goods that we only could of dreamed of back then. These discoveries cemented Venice’ everlasting and historic role in the Art and tradition of perfumery.
 Many of these foreign treasures make up the elements of Venetian Blue, the new fragrance from historic perfume house The Merchant Of Venice. A perfumery as beautiful and seductive as its namesake by William Shakespeare.
  This distinctively unique fragrance begins sparkly – Citrus notes fused with apple and pineapple before developing with a mix of spices and patchouli. Deep mossy notes are later carried out with Birch and Black Pepper. Venetian Blue is masculine but with a delicate heart to it. The glass deep blue bottle is a nod to Venice’ famous glass from Murano too.
Venetian Blue is Perfect encapsulates unforgettable memories of gondola rides down winding canals, aperitifs before dinner overlooking the Rialto and exploring every hidden corner of this magical city on a blue Venetian night.
This is a real all-rounder in my book, great for all occasions but still defining and suave for making a real statement. 
Passers by will swoon as if you were Venice’s famous other son…Casanova.
Venetian Blue is available exclusively at House of Fraser – 100ml for £120
By James Shand