A facial literally MADE for us glossy girls over here at The Glossy Blog! With a name like this I obvs couldn’t resit but to try it out especially with the change of seasons taking its toll on my skin AND with my very strict pre-wedding skin regime in full swing  it made total sense to ‘get glowed’ asap!


So let me introduce you to the incredible Dr Krystyna Wilczynski, she’s the brains and absolute BEAUTY behind the DrK brand. Its hard to describe her as she’s most definitely not your average dental surgeon / facial aesthetics practitioner, such’s such a cool, down-to-earth person (not scary or intimidating in the slightest) and has a KILLER sense of humour with tons of charisma. DRK is literally able to turn your mood around in a split second and her sparkle stays with you long after she’s finished her treatments on you- I’m very sure this is part of the reason she’s so booked up secondary to her super impressive dentistry and aesthetics skills.

DrK, as I like to refer to her as operates from her Guildford and Essex clinics with a glamorous London residency at my favourite hair and beauty hub Blush and Blow in Fulham. She specialises in bespoke non-surgical facial treatments including botox, fillers, teeth whitening, invisalign and facial chemical peels (which is what I’m just about to give you the lowdown on!) Its safe to say that DrK is responsible for London’s most flawless faces and hollywood smiles so with this in mind you know before you even go in for a consultation you are in the very best of hands. These sort of treatments can sometimes feel scary and unknown so it definitely makes a huge difference knowing your Dr has the medical experience and professionalism you would expect.


If the word ‘peel’ makes you instantly reference the Sex and The City moment where Samantha’s face is quite literally peeling off and bright red then think again, this is certainly not the case these days! To explain properly a chemical peel is a superficial peeling system used only by medical skincare professionals that is clinically proven to achieve outstanding and predictable results for the skin. There’s no actual physical peeling of the skin, the product exfoliates and works on a cellular level to create truly GLOWING results that I can personally vouch for.

I arrived for my ‘Get The Glow Gylcolic peel’ with DrK at her London location at Parsons Green (Blush + Blow) with noticeably dehydrated post flight skin, I’ve recently travelled to Budapest and after 5 days of eating carbs, goulash and cocktails my skin was in desperate need of some TLC!

DrK explained exactly how the peel works (see above) asked me to lay down and made sure I was comfy. She then removed my makeup, applied the pre-peel solution and then went on to perform the chemical peel…my skin felt tingly which I personally loved the feel of. It reassured me that the product was actually doing something which I sometimes question with other facial treatments. DrL then removed the peel and finished by applying some moisturiser and SPF as the skin needs to be even more protected after a peel.

Straight after my peel my skin looked incredible, literally so so glowy that someone in the coffee shop I went to after actually remarked on it! The days following my peel proved that peels are worth every penny, my skin looks gorgeous and flawless and I trust DrK when she says a peel a month is the best way to maintain the most beautiful glowing skin as well as eating as clean and healthily as possible. A staple part of my bridal beauty regime for sure – I couldn’t recommend it enough!

Get The Glow GLycolic Peel £85, click here to book