Even the name of this new launch by Omorovicza makes you instantly want to purchase it and apply it to your skin immediately! I naturally have this reaction to almost all of the skincare products in the Hungarian skincare range as I’m completely and utterly obsessed by the ‘real results’ effect the products seem to have on my skin and the impressive formulations. My skin just can’t get enough.
So my skin was looking pretty good and my skincare game was strong until I completely disrupted everything about it by going on lots of lovely holidays (not that I’m complaining about this at ALL!) and so my usual skincare routine was completely turned on its head! Not only did I opt for mini skincare basics to take away with me- I’m talking basic brand cleanser and moisturiser and literally nothing else- shame on me I know! (I had very limited packing space) but in addition to my poor attempt of a skin regime my diet went from pretty clean to over dosing on sugary, carb heavy foods, super sweet cocktails and copious amounts of bubbles so of course my skin decided to pay me back for all the fun I had and left me with a break out worthy of borderline acne. I’m not even exaggerating, it was bad. The sight of my bad skin got me so worried and stressed, which of course made it ten times worse.
Luckily I happened to tell Lauren, PR genius at Omorovicza about my skin dilemma as we have the same skincare obsession in common so this is always a hot topic of our catch ups, and basically she recommended a skincare regime to get my complexion back on track….and guess what? It worked like an absolute dream!
Lauren suggested I use the following;
Cleansing Foam face wash morning and night
Refining Facial Polisher every 3 to 4 days
NEW Instant Perfecting Serum daily (my new obsession, full post on this to come very soon!)
NEW Oxygen Booster mixed in with my moisturiser
Balancing Moisturiser
I’ve been religiously sticking to this regime and my skin is looking SO much clearer and has almost completely cleared up now! Not only have gross spots practically gone but my skin is noticeably radiant and glowing and it can only be down to my Omorovicza regime as I’ve been so dedicated to sticking to it!
Two main products I feel have made a big difference and the two I wanted to share my reviews on is firstly the Oxygen Booster and secondly the Instant Perfecting Serum which I’ll be reviewing next week so watch this space!
The new Omorovicza Oxygen Booster basically gives your skin a shot of liquid oxygen and totally revitalises your complexion. I’ve been mixing one pump into my Balancing moisturiser both morning and night and I’m in love with how it makes my skin feel. The refreshingly cool and soothing water-gel formula brings oxygen molecules into the skin leaving you fresh-faced and radiant. This product is also great for mature skins as the oxygen molecules plump the skin and resurface wrinkles for a smoother and firmer appearance. Almost giving it a botoxed effect!
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