Rosie has been absolutely RAVING about this scent ever since she received a sample of it in her first Glossier order and ordered a full sized bottle immediately!! I knew even without smelling it that I would like it – Rosie’s excitement over this scent meant it was a dead cert that I would feel the same about it as we have similar taste! (I like to call this level of in-syncness a Gloss + Glow thing- happens all the time!)

Ok, so Glossier is now in the UK old news I know, but now the thrill of boy brow has finally calmed down (review to follow) and has very quickly earned its beauty cult status in record time, its only natural that we need a new kind of Glossier obsession- so with this in mind I introduce to you… GLOSSIER YOU the smell that suits everyone and the scent that everyone needs to add to their christmas wish list!

‘The Ultimate Personal Fragrance’ is the powerful tag line for this newly launched scent and is one thats hard to believe to be true- how can a fragrance be personal to everyone?! OK Molecule have already done this and it definitely worked (its all i wore for a long time) but this is a different type of smell and composition of notes and although I love wearing it for the compliments alone (ha) I can’t actually smell it very strongly on myself, whereas when I wear this one (Glossier You) I really enjoy the smell of myself haha if that even makes sense I love the occasional whiff I get and it genuinely makes me happy wearing it, and from the feedback I’ve had from James and random people who have commented on it- sounds like it makes them happy too!

How to describe GY…so this unique perfume is incredibly warm and homely yet seductive, fresh and feminine- it just works, you know? Hard to put into words in a review but easy to fall in love with on first smell. This sounds like I’m on some kind of commission to sell it (if only this were true, would be the easiest challenge) but being the fragrance obsessive I am, this very reasonably priced (and gorgeously packaged (if you know about the pink packaging you KNOW) really does stand out to me- so there you have it the glossy girls scent of choice – you will smell Rosie and I a mile off for all the right reasons.


 *please be advised that the formula comes incomplete; You are the first ingredient*

– ambrette: comfy, warm
– ambrox: smooth, salty, animalistic
– musk: long- lasting, addictive

– iris root: earthy, green, woody
– pink pepper: spice, sparkling

Buy it here – Eau De Parfum £45 50ml