After months and months of deliberations about my hair colour after having my hair extensions taken out last June I’ve felt less than happy with my natural hair and I’ve been desperate to get it sorted out ASAP! I think this was a combination of going to different salons, and colourists using different blonde tones and techniques on my hair, and as the result my hair was over-processed and just a bit ‘too’ blonde for my liking, and not in a good way or natural looking way.
Luckily, I had an appointment at Headmasters in Soho with Art Director Sian who totally got me and my hair journey and understood what it was I wanted to achieve with colour- thank goodness!! 

I had three hair consultations prior to this one at different salons, so it was so refreshing to speak to a colourist who just got it and whom I felt comfortable to transform my hair without ruining it. 
Once the thorough consultation was over, this involved me showing pics of all my different hair lengths and colours throughout the seasons (yes I am well and truly hair-obsessed) Sian gave me a very realistic explanation on what she was going to do to achieve the natural blonde effect I wanted and I couldn’t wait for her to start her magic…
Sian told me about SmartBond which is similar to Olaplex but designed to be used with L’Oreal colours, described as ‘insurance for your hair’ I couldn’t wait to see how it effected the look and feel of my hair especially as Sian mixed it into the colours she was using as well as a treatment too- it kind of takes the worry out of the hair colouring process in a way, you don’t feel as ‘bad’ for your hair going through the chemical treatment.
The transformation was in full swing…Sian started off by applying a gloss on my root area to graduate my natural root colour and to basically ‘drag’ the root and create a grown out and very natural look which is what I requested. Once the gloss was washed off, my hair looked a lot darker (which Sian warned me of before she did this- I loved how well she communicated with me throughout the entire process, no scary surprises and I’ve had plenty of those in the past!) 

Now Sian applied babylites through my hair to break up the darkness of the root section to sort of marry up the blonde ends with the roots to avoid it looking like a dip-dye and more of an undone, effortless style. I think without the babylites it just wouldn’t have looked as natural and definitely gave it more of a dynamic look. 

Sian now used her creative flare to essentially ‘paint’ sections of my hair to create lovely natural blonde tones so that although I had my natural root colour  coming through at the root which means less maintenance (and therefore less colour damage in the long run) I still had blonde around my face and throughout my hair, resulting in a beautiful combination of natural blonde and dark blonde tones. Sian did this using a freehand balyage technique- it was amazing how she did this and really felt like an artist creating a unique work of art- I told her she was a colour wizard which I think best describes her talents! 


I’m genuinely so happy with the end result, I absolutely love the colour and how bespoke Sian made my look to suit me and my complexion, eye colour etc. Gone are the days of a full head of classic highlights, its all about combining clever techniques to create something perfect for the individual. I’ve never been so happy with my natural hair!