Your phone….the single item you take EVERYWHERE you go and when I mean everywhere I mean literally, everywhere!

I personally, (whether I like to admit it or not) I have my phone strapped to the palm of my hand almost every minute of the day, much to my fiance’s dislike! My business and social life depend on it- and thats absolutely no exaggeration it literally helps pays the bills so to speak! I couldn’t possibly run my PR business without it, I’m constantly emailing from it if I’m not sitting at my desk and when I am at my desk I’m monitoring and posting on social media and keeping an eye on industry updates. It’s part of my lifestyle and without it I’d feel lost and wouldn’t be in the business I’m in (sounds crazy to rely on technology to this level I know, but true all the same).

So anything thats attached to me for this many hours of the day deserves to be dressed to the highest possible standard, right? Well this is easier said than done, especially when you own the Iphone 7 Plus, options are limited to say the least.
Since the ‘plus’ version of the iphone was released I’ve found it incredibly challenging to find a case that I love the look and feel of but that also protects my phone properly (I’m a confessed clutz and I’m ALWAYS dropping my phone on the floor so protection is high on my agenda!) I know there are brands like Skinny Dip and lots of other similar brands that sell cases for all iphone’s but I feel like the cases are just for ‘fun’- they are novel but don’t scream luxury or protection at all, which is what I want and need from my case especially as I take my phone into client meetings etc I need it to represent me in the best light possible.
So, when I stumbled across The Case Factory on Instagram I was instantly hooked- I couldn’t stop scrolling through the gorgeous designs for all versions of Iphones  (plus IPads, MacBooks and passport cases too!) and yes a WIDE range of cases for Iphone 7 Plus – hurrah!! Finally I’ve found a brand that delivers luxury designs in the highest quality, hand crafted leathers in designs I’d pick handbags in, whilst actually protecting my phone from damage too- IDEAL. Also an added bonus is that you can opt for your initials to be embossed in gold or silver too- anyone who knows me will know I’m obsessed with anything and everything being personalised!
Your phone is the essential fashion accessory you wouldn’t leave the house without, therefore making sure it looks its very best is an absolute MUST! From my extensive research (by this I mean seriously, no stone unturned here) The Case Factory is where its at, you and your phone deserves it.
Phone cases start from £72. Shop the beautiful range here.