Walking into the Mandarin Oriental spa was just like walking into a a new world of utter peacefulness and serenity and the contrast to the bustling streets of knightsbridge where this luxury hotel is based makes the spa all the more welcoming- a true central London escape.

Being greeted with fresh lavender and camomile tea nestled next to a beautiful freshly picked orchid marked the start of my journey to relaxation and I couldn’t have been more excited! I’ve been on the go 24/7 since the start of the new year (or at least that’s what it feels like!) so I was very much looking forward to being able to properly unwind and rebalance myself while experiencing first hand what the Mandarin has to offer at its top rated five star spa,especially after visiting the Mandarin Oriental in New York I was so intrigued to see how it compared…

I was booked in for a Mandarin Signature Spa Therapy AKA Mandarin style super deluxe full body massage lasting 1.50 mins so when I had the option to arrive 45 mins early to make use of the spa facilities I wondered how much spa-ing I could allocate in my busy schedule but decided to go anyway as I do find it hard to turn down such desirable invitations… and I’m incredibly glad I did!

The spa is set out separately for the male and female guests at the spa making me naturally feel more comfortable, no awkward sauna room moments! But I did actually think to myself that it was lucky I hadn’t planned on brining my partner as I’m not sure how enjoyable it would be experiencing the spa separately- but in some ways it was nice to just kick back and have some real ‘me’ time with literally no distractions whatsoever.
I had 45 mins of utter bliss, getting me in the zone for my nearly 2 hour treatment. I enjoyed multiple dips in the warm waters of the Vitality Pool,  downtime in the Amethyst Crystal Steam Room and a few sweaty sessions in the sauna, this sauna isn’t as hot as most its the perfect temperature to be able to stay lying there a lot longer! The sauna is fairly cosy in size but luckily I had the place to myself which was lovely so the cosiness of the spa didn’t bother me at all. I can imagine if its a busy day you might not agree but regardless it’s such a gorgeous haven of relaxation I doubt it would be a deal breaker.
I spent my final 15 mins prior to my treatment kicked back in the relaxation room sipping on mint infused water (delicious!) and grazing on fresh fruit and homemade oat biscuits (highly recommend trying these, YUM!)before my therapist came to meet me.

I was taken to a lovely scented treatment room filled with candles and soft music and my lovely therapist Helena, gave me a nice welcoming ‘Foot Ritual’ massage while she explained the history behind the treatments at the Mandarin. This was actually so interesting, far more interesting than I’m able to make it sound here but I can’t stress how high the level of service is at the Mandarin, they go above and beyond in each and every aspect to your spa experience and the attention to detail is impeccable.

I learnt some amazing philosophies and traditional oriental practices and got to understand a bit more about my natural ‘element’ and the sorts of essential oils to help de-stress myself – very useful indeed and tips I’ll be bringing into my day-to-day.
After being truly enlightened by Helena and listening to her create my tailor-made treatment it was time to let her work her magic on my tense and stressed body…

Before I knew it I was on the very soft treatment bed being massaged, oiled and thoroughly looked after! And it felt INCREDIBLE, it was by far the best feeling ever and I cannot recommend this treatment enough, I can’t imagine how anyone could not love this- it was so lovely to lie back and be properly looked after to this level. I came away feeling 100% re-energised, relaxed and completely and utterly pampered and can’t thank the Mandarin enough for the experience, I’ve been raving about it ever since!
Book your spa day here you won’t regret it.