This undeniably insta-worthy purifying mask had a lot to live up to, every blogger and their sister have been story-ing this cool looking mask for weeks so obviously I had to try it for myself asap!

I’ve just returned home from a review stay at Eastwell Manor in Ashford, Kent and I took my unopened pot of Sand & Sky with me for the trip- I’m so glad I did as it was the ultimate pamper partner alongside my robe and glass of prosecco after our lovely spa session.

So what really attracted me to this product lets be honest was the pink branding, being the glossy girl I am I’m of course naturally drawn to anything pretty and pink and the fact this happened to be skincare just made it all the more appealing!

4 IN 1

This pure Australian pink clay mask deeply cleanses and ‘detoxifies’ the skin, resulting in bright skin and refined pores so much so that 92% of its customers said they saw immediate results…..

So, picture this I’m at Eastwell Manor having a lovely relaxed time with my Mum in my robe post spa and open my pot of Sand & Sky to find the CUTEST little brush applicator inside the box- I use the brush to apply to my freshly cleansed skin and leave to tighten…this slightly tingly, tight feeling on my face felt good- like it was actively doing good stuff to my skin and I can only assume it was because 30 mins later – the box said leave for 10 but I was feeling fancy and enjoying one too many glasses of bubbles (so much for dry Jan!)…anyway, so I warm a flannel and slowly wipe away the mask to reveal FRESH and GLOWING looking skin – like actually visibly glowing and lovely- an addictive feeling I wish to repeat. I think this little pot of goodness is going to be a once a week wonder part of my skincare regime for sure!

To buy click here its £39.90 and worth every penny, read other rave reviews here