To sum it up in one sentence Seed hair salon is a rustic, unique, relaxed and very ‘cool’ salon in terms of interior, vibe and professional offering and delivers standout results at very reasonable prices- there you go, you know the answer to whether I rate or hate this salon so now onto the finer details and reasons why I regard Seed so highly.
Well lets start with food, (always top of my list!)…Being given a bowl of juicy grapes with my yummy coffee was a personal highlight to my visit…(and i know they also give their clients bowls of olives with glasses of wine when it hits wine o’clock- amazing doesn’t even cover it) I honestly think its all about the little touches that make this salon so special and keeps their incredibly loyal clients coming back and their staff happy to be at work which is hard not to notice- genuinely happy vibes at Seed…After a lovely chat with Francesca one of the owners of Seed she tells me that turnover is low with hairdressers working here since the very beginning of Seed when it opened its doors in Fulham 7 years ago.
Now there are two salons, one in Fulham and one in Clapham and it just totally ‘works’- its comfortable, cool and edgy (so you’ll want to instagram the hell out of it) but seed also offers a professional service that you can rely on and will keep coming back for. I’m not sure what else you could want from a salon unless you want super high-end luxury, you know the sorts of salons i’m referring to here- the salons where you feel like you should wash your hair before you arrive due to fear that your stylist will judge you for turning up with greasy roots- who needs that sort of added stress in their lives?! Not me thats for sure. I’d much rather be in a salon where you know what you’re getting and you feel happy, relaxed and well fed and watered…unlike some salons where they charge you £4 for a cup of english breakfast (yes this is the case with many ‘luxury’ salons and is a real liberty when you’re spending £’s on your hair colour). Seed- you are a FAB find and I’ll be back for sure. Thank you so much for having me and for such a wonderful experience-both me and my hair are happy bunnies indeed and my colour is spot on. 
P.S I highly recommend having the Olaplex treatment with your hair colour- my hair has never looked so healthy, shiny and generally AMAZING!
The Glossy Blog seal of approval for sure. 
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