I’ve been looking into silk eye masks for a long time now, as after all we do spend a third of our lives asleep!! Weird when you think of it like that isn’t it?! I’ve been debating getting one for a while and then deciding against it thinking I probably won’t wear it and it will quickly become a fad that I’ll instagram once and be bored of after a few nights…

BUT I must admit that for the last 2 weeks and exactly 14 nights in a row I’ve gone to sleep wearing my slip silk sleep eye mask and have woken up after a pretty much sound nights sleep feeling, I must say well rested! Is there any better feeling than that? No, not many things in life compare to the feeling of a great nights sleep, you feel more energised, refreshed and recharged ready to tackle the day ahead. The only change in my routine is my slip eye mask so whether or not its actually made a difference in reality I just don’t know as it might be that introducing the mask has subconsciously made me sleep better- but what I do think has made the biggest difference of all is the TOTAL blackout that the mask provides which I think really does allow you to switch off and enter the land of nod so much more quickly and easily .

Considering I haven’t been sleeping well at all lately which I think is down to the simple fact that we have some serious stuff going on at the moment, I’ve been finding it hard to zone-out and quieten my mind when I go to sleep at night.  What with the big move fast approaching (thank the lord I literally cannot wait!) our new puppy Jeffery coming to live with us next month (too excited to put into words!)and my hen do and then FINALLY wedding and honeymoon life is BUSY but brilliant. I am most definitely living my best life but hadn’t been having my best nights sleep to allow me to mentally tackle everything going on right now,  so this silk sleep mask has come into my life at exactly the right time.

I went for the peach colour and its SO gorgeous, Its the most perfect pinky peach colour and looks gorgeous on! I’m so into the branding and packaging so well done Slip you’ve got it spot on and I’m a huge fan. I think these eye masks make the perfect gifts for the ladies in your life that have everything else, I doubt they have one of these lovely masks in their life. Something so simple but helps you sleep so soundly!

Slip 100% Silk Eye Mask is made from the highest grade (6A) long strand pure mulberry silk made with certified non toxic dyes and costs £45 buy it from Net-a-porter here