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My Hair Journey…

If you know me you will know that I am totally and utterly obsessed with hair, no actually let me rephrase that- I’m obsessed with my own hair being long, thick and as healthy as possible.

The 3-4 years has seen me go from having super long, rapunzel hair in the form of the amazing Gold Class hair extensions by hair extension Queen Becky at Daniel Galvin to having them taken out completely and going for the mother of all chops! I went from this….

To this…..

I got my extensions out and had my chop a month after I got engaged in May 2016- I knew It was the right time in my life to wave goodbye to fake hair and welcome fresh, new NATURAL hair to my life. Sometimes I think you need something MAJOR to happen to you for you to make these kinds of decisions, and for me this was it. Also my fiance James happens to HATE  extensions with a passion, he hates how he can’t touch my head without feeling ‘those annoying bumping things everywhere’ his words not mine. Those ‘annoying bumpy things’ happened to make me feel very good about my self the last few years but just like everything, it had to come to an end and now guess what makes me feel good? Being able to wash, brush and touch my own naturally healthy and admittedly shiny hair that I’ve been taking the very best of care of since that day I had the chop.

I wanted to share the products and tips I’ve stuck to religiously since I made the decision to take proper care of my real hair, so here goes…


OLAPLEX & TRIM- I go to Blush + Blow in Parsons Green Fulham and have the professional in-salon Olaplex Treatment once every 6 weeks (sometimes olaplex once a month and trim at 8 weeks but more often than not, both at 8 weeks) and a little trim so keep split ends at bay and keep my blunt cut looking blunt – I think theres no better way to fast-rack to think looking hair than going for a blunt cut! Cutting your hair regularly will keep it growing healthily.

If you know about Olaplex, you know!! This miracle treatment works by reconnecting broken sulfur bonds in the hair and repairs and limits damage hair colouring causes – an absolute MUST for blondes especially, but really anyone who colours their hair.

£65 for Olaplex – Book in here


I highly recommend investing in Olaplex No.3- the at home hair treatment to use in between salon Olaplex treatments and in-between hair colouring applications – you hair will look visibly better for it I can assure you. I wet my hair in the shower, towel dry, apply the product from roots to ends and then wrap it up in a bun and sleep with it in. Sometimes (if I have time) I wash out the product in the morning and follow on with a Wella SP application for EXTRA amazingly soft, well nourished hair.


WELLA SP LIQUID HAIR- A colourist at Daniel Galvin recommended this to me the day I had my hair chopped off so I immediately ordered it online and have been using it once a week / once every two weeks ever since. She swore by it and no I can’t live without it- Its a moleular hair refiller which basically works to rebuild the hair’s inner and outer structure whilst nourishing the hair. To use, wash your hair then jump out of the shower, towel dry and use about 5/6 pipettes of Liquid Hair applying to sections in the hair. Now comb through and blow in- do this for about 5 mins before hopping back into the shower to rinse. You will see exactly why I use this once you give it a try- its transformed my hair.

£43.35 -Buy it here



I use this everyday, its a great brush to detangle hair without damaging it and makes my hair look so full and shiny when I brush it in the morning. Feels amazing on your scalp too which I’m sure is a great thing to encourage and wake up hair follicles.

£15 -Buy it here


My favourite hair heat protection, this cream not only protects the hair from heat damage when styling but it smoothes the hair and primes it ready for you to style it. I love it and have been using it for years now!

£15.26 Buy it here


I use this hero hair oil to apply to my damp ends after washing and it seals ends making it feel SUPER soft and look so sleek! I love the smell of it too. I’ve also been using this since I can remember as my mum has always been a fan of it.

£34 (currently on offer!) Buy it here



I use (and I’m obsessed with) the Pureology Platinum shampoo and conditioner to keep my highlighted hair looking bright and healthy – this shampoo neutralises any brassy / yellowy tones and protects it at the same  time. Its also sulphate free and smells LOVELY! If you have blonde hair I would invest in this to keep the colour looking as fresh and bright as possible and to avoid the horrible brassy tones that natural happen over time with highlighted and blonde coloured hair. I’ve tried lots of these sorts of shampoos and I can honestly say this is my absolute FAVE!

£35- Buy it here


By this I mean find a hair colourist that goes above and beyond and does whats best for your hair…I did this and discovered the wonderful (and utterly gorgeous!!!) Amy Nitsopoulos and have vowed to never let another colourist touch my hair! She’s seriously INCRED and I’m so thankful to have her in my life. My hair colour has never looked so good- the blonde is so natural and grows out so nicely, low maintenance and healthy looking. Amy you are the very best of the best! Find Amy at Taylor Taylor in Shoreditch and I promise you will never look back, best decision I’ve ever made.


Now this is a brand i’ve been dying to try for such a long time now! So happy I’ve finally got round to trying the products on my hit list including the Intensive Repair shampoo and conditioner and the Overnight Hair Oil. 


The brand started with the opening of the Sachajuan salon in Stokholm in 1997 by Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind- two high profile and globally recognised hairdressers, these guys were a freaking big deal in the fashion and beauty industry bursting with creativity and knowledge which led them to opening their salon and naturally launching their haircare line…

This brand has been everywhere and is loved by some of the biggest names in the industry, so obvs I had to give it a go and see what the products are like on my own hair. 

The founders vision was to make their haircare line uncomplicated. Simple to use and understand – taking the complexity out of haircare but delivering reliable results. Everything about Sachajuan is simplistic, the packaging and branding, the website (loving the use of capital letters and easy navigation / images- my only criticism would be that the wording next to the images in the shop are slightly too small to read- maybe i just need to wear my reading glasses though!) but other than that the website is sleek and simple AF. 

The design of the bottles came from the traditional brown glass medicine bottles merged together with the white simplicity and elegancy inspired by the salon- super insta-worthy thats for sure. 

Since launching the brand has doubled its product sales each year – this is undeniably impressive, especially in an oversaturated market that is hair! 

So, my thoughts and feedback on the products….



I naturally picked the Intensive Repair Shampoo as I believe that anyone who colours their hair are exposing it to damage of some degree (even Olaplex obsessives like me) so any repair in the form of shampoo and conditioner is very much welcomed into my hair regime! 

These products are created with ocean silk technology combined with UV protectants that penetrate the follicle and stay there even after rinsing, to provide maximum protection and intensive care to damaged hair……

FEEDBACK: My hair felt properly nourished and hydrated after using the shampoo and looked noticeably shiny- also really like the smell. However, I had to rinse it a few times to make sure all of the product was out of my hair as the first time I used it I felt some residue still left in my hair making it feel a tad greasy. Glad I tried again though as this didn’t happen on my second hair wash attempt. 


This over night repair treatment oil is designed to build elasticity and to strengthen your hair whilst you sleep and give you fabulous shine as a result. Interestingly it has the highest concentration of ocean silk technology of all of the Sachajuan haircare range and contains the algae’s of Rhodophycea (this penetrates and streengthens) and Chondrus Crispus (this adds moist and shine)

CONSISTENCY: Gel formula based on water, very light and watery 

FEEDBACK: Easy to use and super deceiving (i think maybe due to the watery consistency) – at first you sort of feel like it wont do anything but don’t be put off- you will wake up with amazingly silky soft and nourished hair! I’m obsessed and vow to do this at least once a week along with my monthly Olaplex in-salon treatments. 

TIP: I use this on damp hair for better results than using on dry hair! Best to sleep with this product in your hair to give it long enough to work its magic on your locks!

NOTE: No need to wash the product out in the morning, the formula doesn’t weigh the hair down so can be left in without hair looking greasy like most oils and hair repair treatments – huge bonus points for this as it encourages you to apply more frequently. 

Intensive Repair Shampoo £20

Intensive Repair Conditioner £22

Over Night Repair Oil £35