The Elixir Clinic is a luxurious Beauty and Anti-Ageing clinic specialising in Holistic health and is run by two beautiful and incredibly inspiring women, Mahi and Acaena who I genuinely feel blessed to know.

Enter a world of Detox, health and Well-being with Vitamin Infusions…

If you haven’t yet come across Vitamin Infusions then let me give you some background on them, you may have seen the likes of Cara Delevinge and Rhiana raving about them as they’re regular Vitamin Infusion addicts (and now I’m also a self confessed Vitamin Infusion addict too) but Vitamin Infusions gained there initial popularity with athletes looking to boost their athletic performance.

A Vitamin Infusion is an injection filled with a selection of the very best vitamins to enhance your wellbeing, aid weight-loss and promote amazing anti-ageing youthful radiance from within.

Bespoke Infusions…

Totally depending on your concerns, needs or desires your Vitamin Infusion is completely tailored especially for you, so whether you’re in the process of trying to lose weight or you suffer from fatigue/ tiredness/ hair-loss, or you simply want to promote healthy- blemish free skin and radiance- The Elixir Clinic caters to every type of beauty and wellbeing factor and concern. Click here for the Menu of Infusions and remember to get in touch with Mahi and Acaena directly to discuss bespoke Infusions and to book an appointment.

Using detox methods and the most advanced techniques The Elixir Clinic provide a service and treatments of the highest possible standard, I can say this with absolute honesty as I’ve never experienced anything so amazing- you walk away feeling fabulous from within.

My Experience…

At first I was a little sceptical as I’ve heard of Vitamin Infusions before and associated them with painful needles and because I don’t particularly like injections and have a slight fear of them I wasn’t sure how I’d find the experience.

Now after having two Infusions to date, I really don’t know why I was even worried, the whole procedure is so utterly relaxing and calming you don’t feel the injection hardly at all and you come away feeling totally relaxed and at one with yourself and your body and mind.
After having my Infusion I had a four day energy surge, I woke up the next morning feeling so energised, refreshed and more on the ball than ever! I ran 25 mins more on the treadmill at the gym and finished my workout with even more energy- it’s the most amazing feeling but quite difficult for me to explain to you without experiencing it for yourself.

One of the best things I’ve noticed since having my infusions are how well my skin has reacted to them, my second infusion included Collagen and Glutathione, this is a detox for the liver and improves complexion including skin tone and gives your skin a more radiant and glowing look(It also helps to remove dark pigmentation marks). My skin has never looked so good, and I’ve never felt so good.


Wimpole Street- Just next to Harley Street The Elixir Clinic offer Infusions here at their intimate and gorgeous Marylebone located clinic.

46 Wimpole Street

Grace Belgravia- The Elixir Clinic are also based at the stunning Grace Belgravia luxury and exclusive beauty haven.

11c West Halkin Street

I couldn’t recommend visiting Mahi and Acaena at The Elixir Clinic enough- amazing people to know and absolutely outstanding treatments to have for your entire beauty and wellbeing!

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