Tan Luxe has to be THE most Instagrammable tanning brand that’s taken the UK by storm.  Having tried many well known tanning brands in the past, none of them blew me away and I couldn’t bear the biscuit smell that came with a safe tan. So while I’m obsessed with the glow that comes with a real tan, I was yet to find a safe alternative to the sun that worked for me.

During the winter months my skin looks grey, tired and super pale so I was most excited to try the Face tan drops (£35.00), which really are a game changer! Mix a few drops with your favourite serum or moisturiser, and then gently rub into you face as you usually would. You can apply as part of your usual make-up routine before applying your foundation, or in the evening before bed. I tried both, and loved the fact I could wake up without turning my pillows brown and my skin looked sunkissed and golden without looking orange! I mixed three to four drops and in just few hours I had a natural looking dewy glow. I have very oily, blemish prone skin so I did notice a few new spots, but I think that was due to the heavy moisturiser I applied, not the tan drops, however it’s something to consider if you do have oily skin. I now apply with a lightweight serum. Make sure you apply down to your neck as well or you may find your face will become much darker than your neck, and wash your hands thoroughly after applying. Happily, the tan comes without the biscuit smell which most of us are used to with usual tanning products, and the tan lasted 3-4 days before needing to be topped up. I didn’t need to apply my usual high coverage foundation, and felt confident to leave the house with half the bronzer and foundation I usually apply!

Before a night out with friends, I tried The Body tan drops (£42.00). What I really love about both these drops is that you can customise your tan, so I added a few extra drops to my body moisturiser to look extra sunkissed- whilst steering clear of looking tangoed! If this was for a day time look I’d use one or two drops. The drops are also packed with raspberry seed oil and vitamin E- so lots of added skin benefits. I often get nervous applying new products before a night out, because a beauty disaster can put you in a bad mood and really knock your confidence before going out. However the tan left no smell, no streaks and so no drama!

For day to day, I’ve been using TAN-LUXE’S Hydra-Mousse (£37.00) which is a super speedy way to fake a sun-drenched holiday! I was pleasantly surprised that the water looks crystal clear, and pumps out as a luxurious foam so it’s easy to apply and absorbs quickly and seamlessly into the skin. Within hours I had achieved a perfectly golden tan and my skin felt soft and moisturised, which is ideal for the winter months when it can become dry. This is due to the vitamin B5, C, E and raspberry seed oil which helps to illuminate the skin and leave it perfectly conditioned- a yes from me!

If you’re looking for a natural looking, winter glow that will brighten your complexion and provide you with a safe alternative to the sun, I’d definitely recommend TAN-LUXE. The packaging sits proudly on my vanity, and it ticks every box- a seamless sun kissed tan that doesn’t smell of biscuits and you definitely won’t wake up with your face still on the pillow.

Rosie x