If you’re searching for the perfect white smile and feel bombarded with too many teeth whitening offers coming at you left, right and centre (I have almost daily teeth whitening special offer emails clogging up my inbox) then look no further I know the most perfect place!

Located just seconds away from Harley Street,Favero Dental Clinic is situated on Wimpole Street minutes away from Marylebone High Street and the Natural Kitchen- one of my all time favourite smoothie shops in London!

As I arrived I was greeted by the most beautiful receptionist and dental assistant who welcomed me into the practice and made me feel comfortable and happy instantly! Not only a lovely practice filled with beautiful day light in one of my favourite post codes in London, but the staff were also delightful- something I always look out for when reviewing a beauty service as it really makes the difference to your overall experience.

Dr Favero was just as friendly as his staff and spent time talking me through his various treatments paying particular attention to a fabulous treatment he offers and I couldn’t wait to share with you aside from the Express Teeth Whitening, It’s the Favero Smile Makeover using super impressive technology to show you exactly how you would look with perfect teeth- it was amazing! Please click on the link above to find out more. It just goes to show you can achieve the ‘perfect smile’ and Dr Favero has the expertise, talent and technology to do so- this procedure can change the look of your face and give you amazing confidence and self esteem if your teeth are the reason you feel unhappy with your appearance.

I was treated to the Megawhite Express Teeth Whitening and had two treatments at 20 mins per treatment- even after the first whitening treatment my teeth were noticeably whiter so you can imagine how amazing they looked after two treatments! The procedure was completely pain free, Dr Favero put on some nice music and I very much enjoyed my experience it was pleasant which is not a word usually used when talking about teeth! My teeth are now whiter than ever in a completely natural way and I would recommend this this treatment to everyone!